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Wondertimes is a platform that connects you to people who provide convenient and reliable help in Taiwan.


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How to use Wondertimes

1. Find Service
When you find the service you like, please first make an inquiry.
2. Prepay
Prepaid the service fee and proceeded to the transaction. Please complete the payment by your registered Bank Transfer accounts. If you cannot pay with Bank Transfer, please follow the instructions on the payment page and create a bank transfer, and then contact Wondertimes CSC once you have made the transfer.
3. Provide Service.
Complete service. After the service is provided, the supporter will receive their portion of the payment.

User's Voice

Requester Mr. S (Kanagawa/30s/Male)

I was able to find a pet sitter on Wondertimes to look after my dog at home while I was away on a long trip. After placing in detail about my request and screening a few people, I was able to find someone I can entrust my dog to.

Supporter Ms. N (Tokyo/20s/Female)

I loved housework, and I thought that I could do housework for other people around my neighbourhood. I think I was able to provide service that’s valuable to the customers, and soon I got several repeaters.

Why Wondertimes

affordable price offered
There is no extra hidden fees and it is a direct contract between the requester and the supporter, so services can be offered at a cheap / reasonable price.
Small requests are possible
Skills sharing in forms of helping with daily tasks such as house cleaning, furniture assembly, and cooking.
Safety and security initiatives
Prepayment is held by Wondertimes until transaction is complete See More

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Create our own new lives.